Building Seed to Series B companies to stand up their Ops Infrastructure.

The development of your business for long-term success is
attainable. However… it will require:

Companies that are able to succeed in times of volatility, uncertainty,
complexity, and ambiguity will be the winning businesses of tomorrow.

They will:

• Build and rely on shorter supply chains

• Develop and retain a loyal following

• Lower costs and see greater return on investment

• Create opportunities for more diversity and inclusivity

• Design with the next generation in mind

• Weather economic extremes

What Clients Are Saying

Deborah brings in a fresh new way of thinking for Clean Oceans International

“Deborah brings in a fresh new way of thinking for Clean Oceans International (COI). She offers a refined business strategy and compelling suggestions on how we might want to move forward with our goals. She has also shown us a new workplace management software that will help us streamline communication. Thank you, Deborah, for taking the time to study COI and help us make progress toward our mission!”

Dave Schwartz

Chief Educational Officer at Clean Oceans International

We feel very fortunate to have her expertise working for us.

“At Clean Oceans International we made progress everywhere except our business structure. Deborah’s guidance is relevant and understandable and every session moves us closer to our goals. We feel very fortunate to have her expertise working for us and the oceans.”

Captain Jim “Homer” Holm

Founder, Clean Oceans International

She is everything I need in a sustainable business coach!

“Deborah is business savvy and highly educated in green business practices. She understands which areas of my business need a little push, and where to hold back so I continue to thrive as a mom with two young children. Working with her helps me see the path forward and then stay on it. I highly recommend her to anyone managing a sustainable business.”

Rebecca Kimber


An Inspirational & Charismatic Force

“I have the honor of watching Deborah motivate and inspire the founders and entrepreneurs that come to my accelerator program. She is a strong and informed presenter and a charismatic force in the training room. It’s common to hear participants in her training sessions say that Deborah is one of their favorite presenters and one of the highlights of our program.”

Dianthe Skurko

Co-founder, sFoundation

Finding the Bigger Picture

“I loved the process from the very beginning. Thinking about the bigger picture, what the different goals of different people/entities were, and thinking about what logistics of the event and the stage would specifically be like really helped.  Since I was working on both content and presentation, I appreciated getting feedback, suggestions for creating a better flow, and validation that my content was good. I had never had someone give me serious feedback on my mannerisms when speaking before, and that was really useful to have them articulated and learn what those were.”

Kathleen Tuite

AI Software Engineer

Delightful and Supportive

“Deborah is an intelligent, warm, delightful, and supportive coach for anyone seeking to improve their public speaking skills. From start to finish, she will help you identify your goals, create a framework, and guide you through the steps of preparing your content and mastering your delivery so you can get your message across in the best way possible.”

Sara Isenberg

Founder, Santa Cruz Tech Beat

A Straightforward Plan

“Working with Deborah was immensely helpful to take a step out of working in my business and begin working on it from a more strategic point of view. She was able to help me fine tune my goals then create a straightforward plan with benchmarks and milestones for reaching those goals.  Her genuine curiosity to learn about my business combined with the knowledge she brought to the table about circular economy illuminated ideas I would not have been able to come up with on my own.”

Christina Johnson

Founder, Upcycle It Now


“Deborah’s guidance has been invaluable, helping me to focus my efforts and energy, thus shaving valuable hours off of the essential tasks of strategic planning and organization.”

Cristina McCutcheon

Owner, LocaLife Flowers