Your Opportunity Analysis Roadmap

Work virtually with Deborah Lindsay to develop your strategic plan and the structures and systems to put it in place. 

We will use the Opportunity Analysis (OA) roadmap - a proprietary assessment and a clarity tool - to address key questions about your specific journey towards more growth-focused business practices. We will review the following:

  • Business model, purpose and long-term vision
  • Alignment with strategic plan
  • Org chart and overall corporate structure
  • Integrated tech stack architecture
  • Financial systems and health
  • Supply chains issues
  • Customer success pathways
  • Employee management, DEI, and culture development
  • Board and advisor development
  • Legal requirements
  • OKR’s and other metrics

When the analysis is complete you will have a clear roadmap that outlines your best opportunities for growth.

The Opportunity Analysis Roadmap can be completed for any company regardless of industry sector, size, and current focus.

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