SellHound and Santa Cruz Waldorf School

Oversaw and implemented operations from ideation stage to launch and $100k+ revenue generation in yr 2 via direct sales and affiliate partnerships.

Increased revenue by 40%, saving the legacy institution from closing.

Market Opportunity Assessment
Clean Oceans International

Guided organization toward long-term income stream generation and fundraising development to ensure ongoing operations and improved hiring opportunities.

Employee Retention
Santa Cruz Waldorf School

Reduced faculty and staff turnover by 35% by improving hiring practices, overall benefits, and bonus structures.

Operational Processes

Developed foundational operational processes for all teams using start-to-finish flow maps to track user journey, QA points, and time to complete data tracking.

Finance Management
Various Clients

Oversaw a $2M budget, acted as Financial Controller, and worked with CFO to lower COGS by 15% by improving financial reporting accuracy.

Cultural Development

Designed and implemented corporate culture programs to drive performance and employee engagement, as well as build corporate wellness and brand awareness.

Customer Experience
8 Shields Institute

Improved CX by updating the registration and payment management platforms as well as developing NPS survey systems to build customer-centric experiences.

Various Clients

Created PIPs and provided training and support for struggling employees, conducted unbiased team assessments, supplied legal advisement for the board, and carried out necessary terminations.

Facilities Management
Santa Cruz Waldorf School

Implemented complete facility overhaul of an 11-acre facility to mitigate fire hazards, prepare for a large capital campaign, bring maintenance debt to current insurance requirements, and improve overall user experiences.

Operational Streamlining
Clean Oceans International

Brought leadership team up to date with current project management platforms, began succession planning protocols, and coached executive director through Board realignment.

Production Process Improvement

Lowered costs of production by 28% by correcting per-unit errors by deep diving into critical production processes of local and international teams.

Investor Management

Built entire investor tracking system from funding applications to cap table management as well as quarterly report management and financial oversight of $2M funding.

Executive Leadership Training
Acklen Avenue

Designed and implemented a 2-month leadership development training curriculum for sales, marketing, and recruitment.


Took startup from founder idea to fully operational, revenue generation, SaaS/PaaS platform in 2 years with national and international support teams and global brand awareness.

Positive Impact and Sustainability

Initiated and maintained global partnerships with Switching Gear Enabling Network, and Fashion for Good, and became a World Circular Textile Days signatory. Developed reuse metric calculator to track the SaaS platform impact on landfill mitigation.

Diversity and Inclusion
Santa Cruz Waldorf School

Mandated teacher and staff DEIB training, provided all-gender facilities, implemented inclusive hiring practices, and elevated WOC to leadership positions.

Hiring, Onboarding, and Training
Various Clients

Conducted 500+ technical and non-technical interviews, and built onboarding and training processes and materials with long-term placement success across multiple industries.

OKRs and KPIs
Various Clients

Provided strategic oversight to founders and CEOs to move vision into annual and quarterly OKRs for managers and employees which fed into KPIs for both internal and external goals.


Built financial forecast and oversaw imperatives to take the company to a 12% growth schedule within three years.

Crisis Management

Lead company through the pandemic and loss of investor financing; negotiated each employee contract to lower costs by 75% with no reduction in productivity and customer satisfaction.